Thursday, January 28, 2016

Normal - Het Wilde Weten Rotterdam NL

The rebel often stops here         hand painted posters arranged in the alter with a wooden bar in-front 
                                                     The rebel fakes-  poster pasted in Rotterdam streets after unmounted from the show.
I wont let you speak                                                       charcoal on paper


  thisisvoyeur              acrylic on scraped out commercial posters from the street

                                                      The weeping submarine  charcoal on  paper,acrylic and tapes on commercial posters 

A  night Rotterdam
Poster project in collaboration with Simon  Karina  Marcel  Mariella 

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Portfolio Sumantra Mukherjee

Paintings and wall installations

I paint on canvas, paper, engraved boards and also public walls and often use digital
media and archives to refer back to documented occurrences.
The images of this application are mostly portraits and figurative paintings. My city
shows me an influx of trends and people trying to live up to the fashion of living up to it –
including myself. I see the hybrid generation simultaneously putting their faith in
different ideologies yet unable to completely cut loose of their own roots. My works
follow a similar process of creating portraits from a mixture of images. The references of
advertisements, hybrid music, sea of population, Indian iconography, popular stickers to
the loud psyche of my generation – help me develop a chaos in the image. Through my
paintings I try to translate my surrounding in the best possible ways that I can.
I live and work in Kolkata,India

    Works on the Street and public spaces.

2015 Walk in the line : a multidisciplinary art project  at Chanderhat, Kolkata , India /Curated by Manas Acharya  

 wall poster (size 15x9ft,inkjet print on tracing paper,back painted colours)

Posters designed for an artist run performance art festival
KIPAF 2014

 Painted/postered in Kolkata 2014-2015

Painted poster and wall,stickers at Studio 21,Kolkata

 Poster at Park street Kolkata 2014
Poster at Park street Kolkata 2014

A street project(chalk and Indian earth colours on floor)
initiated and conceptualized by Sumantra Mukherjee 
and Performers Independent Kolkata

Sculptures commissioned as window display by a jewellery house in Kolkata 2014
on politics,gay and minority rights,corruption,Kashmir and rape